Six Letter Word

About This Project

SIX LETTER WORD the feature is based on my award winning short film, SIX LETTER WORD. The characters are similar in the feature film. However, they evolved, as did their circumstances, because as I did research for the feature film, I discovered that many mothers are diagnosed with autism after their children are. I was fascinated by the fact that these women could recognize their children’s struggle but not their own and only through their determination to help their children did they discover that they too needed help. These amazing women inspired SIX LETTER WORD, the feature.

SIX LETTER WORD the feature is now about waitress Zoe, a socially inept numbers whiz struggling to understand her autistic son, Jax. Her fraught relationships with her own estranged mother, Marilyn, and with a troubled neuropsychologist, Pete, force Zoe to come to terms with Jax’s autism as well as with her own undiagnosed autism.

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